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We are the leading SEO company in Kochi providing SEO services for your Website. We first take a full evaluation of your site’s online presence before any internet marketing strategy takes place. Ultimately, we look for what issues might be holding back your website’s global search performance. This gives us a complete understanding as to why your not generating the volume of qualified traffic or online conversions you need to be satisfied.

Our SEO team checks for technical issues that may be negatively impacting your online visibility and lead conversions. Using powerful SEO software, we run crawl reports that pinpoint website errors such as duplicate content, broken links, slow page speed, 302 redirects instead of 301, incorrect Noindex, not using HTTPS, not using XML sitemaps, wrong robots.txt order, missing H1/H2 tags, missing Alt Tags, etc.

Here is where our search engine optimization skills really come into play. A thorough analysis of untapped, high-volume keyword opportunities your customers are searching for is outlined and implemented. The technicalities of our strategy can be quite complex, but the overall foundation focuses on search volume, competition, difficulty, and cost-per-click. We then gather related keywords that support the focus or primary search queries we are targeting page-by-page. We then search for keywords you already may be ranking for and look for ways to further optimize content around those phrases.

We update your digital presence with the implementation of powerful on page SEO techniques for a meticulously optimized website. There is a right and wrong way to optimize your onsite SEO, and our team of search optimization experts know how to comprehensively take your visibility to the next level. From title tags, meta tags, HTML tags, supporting keywords to internal link building, image optimization, mobile friendliness and URL structure — we ensure every aspect of your on page SEO is perfectly optimized for the web.

White hat off-site and on page efforts are put into effect to connect your business with the right channels in the hopes to acquire positive mentions, reviews, and high-quality backlinks. By optimizing your company’s offline footprint, we’re able to gradually increase the visibility of your brand by leveraging external sources that create an optimal experience for both prospects and crawl bots. As an integral part of our SEO strategy, we focus on local SEO, link building, social media, and other external channels to tell the world just how amazing your business is.

Our SEO company understands that a great user expereince results in great rankings. When online visitors are engaged in your content and interact with your site, search engines deem it more valuable to its user base and thus rank it higher in search results. The elements of content optimization we focus on are grammar, sentence structure, UX design, readability, keyword context, page relevancy, video optimization, reputable source linking, page speed, and everything that ensures users have a great experience interacting with your site. Without high-quality content that is optimized for humans, Google and other search engines simply will ignore your business.

The number of online search queries via tablets and Smartphones is exploding. The question today is not if customers are searching for you on their phones; the question is: How many? Mobile visitors should not be seeing a mini-version of what desktop users see on their monitor — they should exploring a site that is customized for the mobile web user. It’s a different website experience. We make sure your site loads pages across all devices, doesn’t hide content, loads quickly, has working links, and a UX that’s always optimized no matter the device a prospect is using.

At the end of the day, we are a data-driven SEO company. We rely on metrics and data to tell us the story of our search engine strategy, and if the tactics we are using are paying off. This data is shared transparently with our customers as we know numbers are important to you too. We set attainable goals with our metrics, and if we don’t hit those numbers and patterns, we adjust accordingly. Lastly, we actually educate our client on performance metrics and strategies to make them an SEO expert.

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No web page can be optimized without analyzing the proper metrics. From data gathered from website analytics, we can define and refine.


Too often do people think SEO is only for web copy and blogs. ALL content needs to be optimized, including videos and images.


Local SEO is the art of using search terms pertaining to both location and local visitors, be it geographic terms or lingo.


Search Engine algorithms change quicker than the seasons. We keep ourselves well informed and well trained to react as quickly as possible.

We research keywords with great care. Not what we think they should be, but which the users actually query. We analyze the competition’s as well, to keep the edge.


There is more to link building that getting a link somewhere leading back to your site. The somewhere we find is high quality and high authority.

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